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I am honoured and thrilled to work with them. I really am. Maybe I don't say it enough to them, but I am saying it now. Dear everyone This is a good condensed talk I gave on Guru Yoga of Tsongkapa. This is the one you should share with others when they are interested in a not too lengthy explanation. It is the perfect practice for everyone who wants simplicity yet effective blessings. You can share this with more people, it will be good. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves.

And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complex than ours they moved finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.

It is proved by experience. And furthermore, it gives one the opportunity to be born in the pure realm of Lama Tsongkhapa, Tushita, whenever death happens. It was the best time of my life. A time that seems so magical and surreal to me. But Dharma should not be just feel good only for the moment but for deeper contemplations. That is the nature of samsara. So let us suffer for others and then suffering has meaning. Working for Dharma is not a prison or work, but it is purely spiritual practice. It is purely collection of merit and purification.

Actually not doing dharma work is the real prison. He stated that a happy, luxurious life was like a good dream, and that obstacles and difficulties were like a bad dream. We should give them no significance, but simply carry on working towards real, everlasting happiness. To walk away from that was actually very easy.


I didn't even consider it. Together we make diversity so beautiful. I find it funny and entertaining now. I guess we can't spend our lives fighting rumours No point explaining repeatedly. Patience comes from respect while laziness from disrespect of others. The more we get, the more we have, the more unhappy we become. When the experience we encounter contradicts our views, then the pain arises. The pain arises due to our fixed views not so much the experience itself. So the secret is changing the views. Re-educating ourselves on our views.

I wasn't really good at following the rules. Even now with how I share Dharma and my practice, I just do it the way I think it should be done but I do it sincerely. Not what others tell me what I can and can't do. If you love me, I'll always be in your heart If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind.

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Please let this be a conducive space for discussions, both light and profound. The Kechara Forest Retreat is a unique holistic retreat centre focused on the total wellness of body, mind and spirit. This is a place where families and individuals will find peace, nourishment and inspiration in a natural forest environment.

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At Kechara Forest Retreat, we are committed to give back to society through instilling the next generation with universal positive values such as kindness and compassion. For more information, please read here english , here chinese , or the official site: retreat. Join us this weekend, Saturday, From 9. Group picture of the end of the Inner Peace Retreat, June Manjushri Nagarakshasa or Jampel Nagarakshasa is a direct emanation of Manjushri but appears with the lower half of a naga.

Vegetarian food provided for the retreat participants.

Pastor Gim Lee giving guidance. Pastor Gim Lee and I assisted the retreatants in setting up the altar and Pastor View All Photos. Sofi Wednesday, Oct 9. Exiled Tibetans under the CTA have, of late, become scattered for a number of reasons. These range from the lack of employment opportunities to discrimination they have suffered such as that experienced by Dorje Shugden practitioners. Furthermore, exiled Tibetans are unable to see a clear future under the CTA.

Prathap Wednesday, Oct 9. Truly amazing and mesmerizing places in Japan , land of of the rising sun. Being a highly volcanic country but yet it is a great place to visit for many things to enjoy. The Buddhist town Koyasan which is over years old to be incredibly fascinating and a great place for spiritual seekers. Thank you so much for sharing this article with wonderful pictures and good information. Samfoonheei Wednesday, Oct 9. Well known throughout the world for his powerful teachings and bestselling writings.

His wisdom have help many to transform negative emotions and live a happier, more peaceful, and more balanced life. This Zen master has articulate and disseminate the core Buddhist teachings of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion to thousands more across the globe. Spending most of his life doing human rights and reconciliation work during the Vietnam War. He is truly an Icon of Peace and Courage, had wrote more than hundreds of books, have inspired countless people. For his achievements he won many awards.

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Interesting read of biography of a Zen Master. He is living peacefully and in mindfulness in his original home temple in Vietnam. It is wonderful that he could return to Vietnam after being exiled for over 30 years. Thank you Rinpoche for this sharing of an inspiring Zen Master. Venerable Ajahn Chah born into a typical farming family in a rural village in N.

He had live a monastic life following a traditional pattern, of studying Buddhist teachings.

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He had practiced in the style of the austere Forest Tradition, wandering through the countryside in quest of quiet and secluded places for developing meditation. Truly a great teacher and after years of wandering, the first monastery in the Ajahn Chah tradition was found followed by many monasteries and continues to flourish. Despite the hardships of malaria, poor shelter , many disciples gathered around him and keep increasing numbers studying Buddhist teachings showing them the path to freedom and true happiness.

He was well known among the locals and royals in Thailand. Thank you Rinpoche for this inspiring sharing. To honor those animal care workers who suffer from compassion fatigue, all of the animals pictured in this article are available for adoption. In September of , year-old veterinary behaviorist and best-selling author Dr.

Sophia Yin died of suicide. Yin was a trailblazer in the dog training community. She wrote books, created instructional videos, and developed tools for positive reinforcement training.

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It is, perhaps, this overwhelming dedication to animals that led her to take her own life. According to those closest to her, Dr. Yin likely suffered from compassion fatigue. We have grown to believe that our home is our castle. But things have changed long ago and nowadays our homes might be hiding more danger than safety. Indeed quite a lot of information has been shared about the infamous formaldehyde, nitrobenzene and methylene chloride — all carcinogens that can be found in everyday items such as rubber, plastic, dyes, perfumes, and shampoos.

Take a look at a few of the items you thought harmless and see the health problems they can provoke. Then make sure you take the right decision and rid your home of many cancer-causers and ensure a healthy environment for you and your family. Air fresheners 2. Candles 3. Art supplies 4. Shampoos 5. Antiperspirants 6. A terrified bull writhes and bucks as flames lick around its head moments after it is set ablaze — all for the entertainment of a baying crowd. Shocking new images have emerged of a barbaric annual Spanish bull burning festival which animal rights campaigners are demanding be banned.

Read more about Grotesque Spanish bull-burning festival where baying crowd straps flaming wooden horns to terrified animal. Believed to have first proliferated in the regions of South America, particularly in the western half of Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, tomatoes are known as one of the most popular foods in the world. Based on archaeological findings, they were cultivated by early South American cultures like the Aztecs and Mayans hundreds and hundreds of years before Spanish explorers brought them to the shores of the New World.

From money to love, here's what your Chinese zodiac says you should expect this year

A vegetarian spares the lives of a certain number of animals each time he or she chooses to forgo meat for vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and nuts. These animals, of course, are not necessarily ones who continue to live because a vegetarian chose not to eat them. The way a vegetarian saves animals is by reducing the demand for meat and causing fewer animals to be born into a harsh life owned by the meat industry, where callousness abounds and mercy is scant.

Exactly how many animals does a vegetarian save each year? Given the scale and complexity of animal agriculture today, this number is impossibly difficult to determine accurately. But, it is possible to estimate a conservative range—in this post, I will attempt such an estimate for a vegetarian in the United States. First, a few preliminaries. To determine the number of animals saved by a vegetarian, we need at least two numbers: the total number of animals killed for food consumed in the US in a given year and the size of the US population during that year.

But, estimating the number saved is not merely a matter of dividing the total number killed by the size of the population. Suppose there are only two people in the US: one regular meat-eater who eats animals each year and one vegetarian who eats no animals. A reasonable conclusion is that the vegetarian saves animals per year. So, we have to divide the number killed by the size of the meat-eating population. We kill over 7. Using the formula mentioned earlier, we find that a vegetarian saves over 25 land animals each year, almost 24 of who are chickens.

Yee Yin Wednesday, Oct 9. It is very cruel to use animals for our selfish desire. Of course, this could make them spend more than they need to; to really take advantage of this year, they need to control their desire to spend on useless things. Those that have businesses on their own consider it is a good moment to focus their attention onto a new field or to try and make use of some of their older ideas and projects. For the natives who are involved in a relationship, this is a great year for marriage, and for the single natives, a perfect one to find a life partner.

On a personal level, the extroverts and the active ones manage to easily broaden their circle of friends and acquaintances. They get noticed easily, they attract people towards them through the quality of their ideas and projects, but also thanks to their optimism and their spirit of justice. On the emotional level, is a turning point. Those that are not yet in a serious relationship may find a partner like they wish for. Those that are already in a relationship may want to make their relation official or to move in with their partners, maybe to renew their vows, according to their situation.

In some extreme situations, they may even complicate their relationships because they feel that somebody that they were somehow expecting for a long while appears in their lives. Anyway, the pig brings many chances and favorable situations on a personal level through active involvement in social life. They receive favorable answers, their ideas and initiatives are being appreciated and their enthusiasm is contagious. In the Year of the Rat, not even in term of health, the Monkey natives will not lack luck, since they will encounter no issues.

They can sometimes be crafty, cunning and dishonest and will grasp any opportunity to make a quick profit or outsmart their opponents. They have so much confidence in themselves that they sometimes forget to take other peoples advice. With so many diverse talents the Monkey is able to make a lot of money in life, they will sometimes splash out on exotic holidays and are always happy to spend the money as soon as they get it. The Monkey has to have freedom in their lives to act as they want and can become unhappy if they are held back by rules and restrictions.

They soon lose interest in something if they think it has become boring and will move on. They lack persistence which can slow down their progress, if they concentrate on one thing at a time they will achieve a lot more in the long run. They are good organizers and will always have a plan of action in their head for themselves. They are happy to put their failures down to experience when they do not work out.

They like to impress people and will always have admirers around them because of their sense of humour and confidence. Monkeys usually marry young and for it to be a success their partners need to allow them time to pursue their many interests and love of travel. They are likely to infuriate the Rooster and Horse, and the Tiger will have little patience with their tricks.

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