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Venus is in Capricorn, which is a dedicated, family-oriented sign and highlights your fourth house of domestic life and home. Instead of attention-grabbing gifts, you might take notice of how good of a parent dog and cat parents count your partner is, and that might be just enough to fuel your romantic fire for the next few weeks.

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Some straightforward and honest communication! Priorities will include: open and honest dialogue and possibly a few games of Scrabble. I really do believe you can achieve it, but this time around your focus is on showstopping gifts and displays of affection as Venus transits through your second house of values and income. Most direct route to your heart: dropping some serious cash and surprising you with a gift.

Guess what that means: You have an excuse to focus on yourself! This transit lights up your first house of self and image. The best form of love you can focus on during this transit is self-care. We are not interested in saying sorry or dwelling on the past. Aries is known for a love of the chase and the conquest, but Aries love can be longstanding as long as it remains relatively fresh. This can sting, but rarely is Aries energy mean or petty.

Saying it like it is is important to Aries. Desires are strong and expressed spontaneously, enthusiastically, and directly. Aries prefers to seduce rather than be seduced, to chase rather than be chased. We seek security and value that which lasts. Our appetite for pleasure is strong. Taurus values the here and the now as well as the world of the five senses. Tangible and physical expressions of love and romance are most important now. Holding on to someone we love is our tendency under Venus in Taurus. The shadow side of this is excessive possessiveness and treating our partners as objects that we own or want to own.

On the financial side, Venus in Taurus looks for high-quality, solid, practical, and long-lasting items.

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Holding on to our possessions is more likely now. When Venus is in Gemini : In Gemini, we have a finger in every pie. Curiosity motivates us on romantic and social levels. We are sociable, communicative, and interested. We can be animated and fun but may also keep our distance on an emotional level. Attractions now may begin with words, as we tend to bond more readily on a mental level with Venus in Gemini. The shadow side of Gemini is fickleness. When Venus is in Cancer : In Cancer, Venus is nurturing, protective and self-protective, cautious, and fertile.

We experience many emotional ups and downs in love under this influence due to increased sensitivity and impressionability.

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We are tender, romantic, and attached. Cancer love is dedicated, warm, and devoted.

We show our love through our devotion, care, and concern. We are affectionate and cuddly, and are at our best when we feel safe and secure.

Week of Feb. 3–Feb. 10

When Venus is in Leo : Love is magnificent and grand. We take pride in love, and we are generous with our money as well. This is a warmhearted, teasing, expressive, proud, and extravagant placement for Venus. Love is a bit of a game—a game that is perpetual, as Venus in Leo is forever stuck in the romance stage of a relationship. We feed on attention, acknowledgement, validation, and adoration. Venus in Leo loves to be adored, pampered, and admired.

Pride and passion are hallmarks of this cycle.

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Relations with your mother would also improve now. During June , your expenses, as well as competition, look to be growing. Near mid-September, Venus debilitates.

Looking Ahead At The Venus Cycle – Beauty And Fashion Horoscope

Your reputation at work might deteriorate and career related problems might trouble you. Income looks better in October Venus Transit for Capricorn: Venus transit seems to boost your relations with your siblings as well as your personality, Capricorn from April onwards.

June looks favorable for children and their education. Love relations seem to flourish. Avoid investing in speculation, particularly after August After mid-September, luck might not favor you completely and foreign travels might fail to bring the desired profits. Improvements are likely from October , when your career seems to grow favorably.

October 12222

Venus Transit for Aquarius: Aquarius, with Venus transiting in , your expenses seem to increase from February onwards. Rise in your wealth and savings is likely after mid-April. You may benefit from parental property too. June looks good for your relation with your mother and property related matters. Avoid investing in speculation after September, as losses are likely. October looks favorable for foreign travels and related profits. Venus Transit for Pisces: Pisces, with Venus transiting in , your income would rise considerably after February After mid-April, Venus is exalted and your personality and decision making is likely to improve significantly.

June seems harmonious for your bonding with siblings. Your social network would expand greatly and help you in the future. Marriage life and business partnerships seem to suffer around mid-September. Sudden gains from speculation are on the cards during October Ved Shastra. Home The Secrets of Horoscope Unlocked!