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This includes all the astrological chart with their meaning and results. Many children repent for whole life due to wrong selection of education.

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According to their planetary position, The best suited steam of education is self predicted by Tiwariji. In addition to calculation mentioned in simple horoscope, you will get 21yrs of your future time prediction in detailed. The way of getting success will also recommended and easy required remedial measure too. It includes 31yrs of future prediction in addition to the all astrological calculation given in the premium horoscope.

Truth is not whatsoever :- Before finalizing the horoscope shri Tiwariji foretells ten to fifteen facts correctly about your past and present These past or present predictions will not be common but specific in all the cases just to match the horoscope. Which give you confidence of accuracy.

This feature is not in the world. That is why he is called unbeatable astrologer in the world. Note- There are two way of preparing the horoscope.

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This depends on your choice. The hand made horoscope will cost Rs No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide.

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Prabhakar Manu Ayur Rashmi 1. In Hindu mythology planets are being worshiped by Hindus for their mental peace. In Ayurveda medical astrology is also mentioned for the treatment of the mental diseases. Moon is the heart lord of satva and Mercury is the brain. Similarly, Fourth house is the heart and the fifth house denotes brain. Moon and the fifth house are considered to play a significant role in a situation where a person loses his mental stability due to the turmoil of emotion.

In the same way, fourth house play a significant role in mental disorder such as Schizophrenia.

Rashami Desai Horoscope

On the other hand, Saturn and Moon conjuncts Visha Yoga are also not considered to be auspicious for mental health. Particularly,whenall three of these planets are afflicted,conditions leading to mental illnessare highly possible. The fifth house can correspond to thinking, logic and wisdom.

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When there is no planet in the 2nd or the 12th from the moon, the soundness of the mind may become an issue. Again, the entire chart needsto be viewed.

So calculate your name number now and check out what it says about you.

These signs tend to express their problems through the symbol of depression in their own particular mode. This is because Rahu makes you delusional and Moon is the karaka of heart. In this situation, the native ends up building his own world of dreams.

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Also, Jupiter in the Mars ascendant or seventh house is also responsible for making a native suffer from mental disorders. Such people can also suffer from severe mental disorderslike Schizophrenia.

A lot of scholars put stress on the fourth house and Mercury to analyze such conditions. Iwill not go into a descriptionofthemeaningsofthe Nakshatrashere, as thisis a separatearea ofessential study foranyoneinterestedinVedicastrology. NOTE- It islikesuicide ifonewearsany kindof gems withoutconsultinganexpertastrologer. Conclusion These are the most important factor in a Kundali which are responsible for Psychological disorder- House no. Other significantfactors- Significant Signs:Cancer and Leo.

What I have attempted to do is to show the power of some of the ancient classics in terms of diagnostic tools perfected centuries ago. Meanwhile, psychiatry and psychology still grapple with clumsy, constantly revised diagnostic tools, such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV DSM-IV , the book by which all psychiatric clinical diagnoses are measured.